PVC Strips Curtain for cold prevention


  • Flexible PVC panels are assembled with overlaps to ensure tightness and prevent heat loss effectively with a variety of product systems, colors and thicknesses.
  • It is a solution to save energy, aesthetics, the best cost and absolutely no harming to users’ health.

PVC Strips Curtain for insects and dirt prevention


  • Taking advantage of the insect’s fear of yellow light, the PVC curtain will have outstanding colors to prevent insects from approaching.
  • With high mechanical strength, not affecting the entry or exit of the installation space, effectively preventing insects and dirt, the product is widely used in factories, warehouses, restaurants, etc. …
Màn nhựa pvc màu đỏ cảnh báo nguy hiểm

PVC Strips Curtain for Anti-Static/ Welding Spark Prevention


  • PVC curtain blocks welding sparks and electric arcs, popularly used thanks to its soft and flexible nature, structure, easy to install or move. 
  • Anti-static PVC curtain helps to solve the worry of electrostatic dust collection of production units, safety in labor. 

» Established on December 2, 2013 with a solid foundation, MECI Company has many years in the field of installing PVC curtains for factories and households with a team of experienced and dedicated staff. profession, we are confident to be the supplier of the most prestigious and quality products on the market.

» With the motto: “Satisfation Without Promise” – 100% customer satisfaction is our promise.

» We put our customers at the center, so we always listen and learn from them. We create products that give them the confidence to solve the problems they face.

» We strictly test our products to make sure we get 100% satisfaction from our dear customers.


Perfect quality

Our PVC curtain is manufactured on modern lines, ensuring quality according to EU standards. We commit that our products do not contain harmful banned substances, safe for users’ health.

Wide range of models

We continuously improve based on customers’ opinions to offer the most suitable products for each actual need. With a variety of types, colors and specifications, you can easily choose the product according to your needs.

Competitive prices

As a distributor of PVC curtain products, MECI always directly gives you the quality products at the best price. Our employees always readily advise in order to help you reduce unnecessary costs with the motto: “Selling right, selling enough to those in need”

Fast production and delivery

With a strong production team, we are ready to take orders, produce quickly, check quality and send fully goods to the shipping companies.

Liên hệ

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride plastic material – a type of plastic is formed after the polymerization of vinylchloride. Therefore, this type of plastic curtain has high flexibility.

MECI PVC curtain – a product with high safety, designed in accordance with international quality standards, not containing DOP harmful to human health.

Features of MECI PVC curtain

MECI PVC curtain is made of special materials, manufactured according to advanced processes with many different sizes and levels of thickness.

  • Standard size: width from 200mm to 300mm, thickness from 1.5mm to 3.0mm
  • Large size: width from 1200mm to 1600mm, thickness from 0.2mm to 5mm

Designed with many different colors and characteristics, the plastic strip curtains will meet all needs of users, suitable for different spaces.

The plastic strip curtains are machined to fit the door size and combined with hanging bowl + metal hanging rod (powder coated iron/ steel/stainless steel) to fix the hanging plastic curtain.

PVC curtain has the outstanding feature of flexibility, in case of being installed in the door systems of the warehouse; factory; supermarkets, houses…, it will not affect the circulation or import and export of goods.

Applications of MECI PVC curtain

PVC curtains are used in cold storage and freezing tunnels to limit the loss of cold air.

Making curtains for clean rooms, separating partitions of production areas.

Preventing dust & insects in food processing areas.

Soundproofing, limiting the noise of workshops

Preventing welding sparks in mechanical workshops


Thanks to many years of experience, MECI always gives customers the best quality products at competitive prices.

As a product supplier from Vietnam, we have the best policies for distributors around the world, with a wide range of support and convenience in the process of importing and clearing products.

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